Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Pure London Spring '09

Finally got round to putting up photos from Pure. Pure London is an event that gives brands such as Motel, Superdry but to name a few to show off their new collections to Fashion Wholesalers. my lecturer from Central Saint Martins had recommended I go check it out, I dragged Lorna along, she loved it too!

The day was intense, for any women who loves clothes, Pure is like going into a huge discount candy store, where you're not allowed to buy or eat anything! Opened my eyes to the huge mark-up retailers put on clothes, shoes and accessories! But we loved it none-the-less. made me realise clothes really are the love of my life (of course following my family, friends, boyfriend and dog!)

The real stars of the show were in the Spirit section; Motel and Blush (teddy bear head mannequins!) I have fallen in love with the Motel Linda Dress, just need £45, found one for £37 in Jolly's but it had a faulty zip that my sewing skills or those of my housemate Jo wouldn't have been able to fix! Keep dreaming!

You can have a sneek-peak at Lorna's blog of the day http://www.randomlorna.blogspot.com/


  1. Imagine all the photos we would have had if the scary security guard hadn't threatened to steal the camera if we continued snapping, Next time insead of free tickets, WE NEED FREE PRESS TICKETS :-D

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