Monday, 2 February 2009

My first ever blog...

My very first post as blogger!

Was going to wait until I had thought of something clever to post but my blog page looked very bare.

Why blog if i don't really have anything to say yet? I'm doing a module at University about Virtual Organizing, for which I have to create a blog and write an essay on my experiences as a member of the blogging community.

So I had to think up something to blog about, final year at Uni not much is going on apart from studying and class, so I had a little panic about what I could write about that anyone could possibly find interesting! Then I remembered the little drama and excitement I have everyday regardless of what else is going on in the world...i love clothes!...everyday I go through a little journey, better known as "deciding what to wear". This daily journey usually includes at least two of my housemates, my mum and my sister or my poor suffering (completely uninterested in clothing) boyfriend. One of my worst attributes is deciding what to wear, I usually have at least two options, and each option will always have at least another two options regarding shoes and accessories and this is why i enlist (willing or not) the decision making support of friends and family. So I have decided to write a blog about my clothes, my outfits, my wardrobe and my shopping obsession! Perhaps I will no longer have to enlist the help my poor friends and family to help me decide what to wear, but maybe some ladies and fashion loving men out there will be willing to share their opinion on my daily dilemma!

I will look to ladies such as the Painfully Hip bloggers and The Clothes Horse for inspiration to keep up my blogging!