Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Dance dance dance!

Coat Burberry (a find in a charity shop), Scarf H&M, Shoes Adidas

Busy busy day so just a quick post...feel like i have been dance dance dancing!
So this is Jenny just after her dance class! I love throw together looks! When people pull them off it is so naturally chic.

Found a new artist today courtesy of Lorna's blog...Emily Haines...perfect to get me through this evening chained to coursework, tired! Can't wait till easter!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The other side...

Being from the University of Bath kind of makes Bath Spa "the other side", sad, they dress so much better and their courses make them so much more interesting, go bath spa! Went up the other day to still some wardrobe inspiration, mightily jealous of their quirky campus, it feels like being on a farm, so refreshing when compared to our industrial wasteland of a campus (of course with the exception of our lake)...but the aggressive psychopathic ducks ruin the atmosphere and force one to question whether these ducks have been poisoned by some hideous chemistry experiment gone wrong.

Back to Bath Spa met lovely Jodi...loved her Zara boots!
Blazer Kate Moss @ TopShop, Top TopShop, Belt TopShop, Skirt TopShop, Boots Zara, Bag French Connection.

Jodi's necklace was cute, I love jewelry pieces that are made up of lots of little memories, had a very special necklace of my own which was stolen during my boarding school days, sore point, back to Jodi's necklace...hanging from it was a pearl she had picked up in a vintage shop, a ring from her best friend and a plectrum from when she went to a New Found Gory concert in her younger years!

tried to edit this photo to make the necklace clearer, didn't quite have the desired effect but thought it looked more interesting this way...

thanks Jodi!
been listening to Two Tongues almost all day, dropped onto my ipod by my boyfriend, it wasn't for him i would still be stuck in music from the 90s and subsequently very uncool.

Pure London Spring '09

Finally got round to putting up photos from Pure. Pure London is an event that gives brands such as Motel, Superdry but to name a few to show off their new collections to Fashion Wholesalers. my lecturer from Central Saint Martins had recommended I go check it out, I dragged Lorna along, she loved it too!

The day was intense, for any women who loves clothes, Pure is like going into a huge discount candy store, where you're not allowed to buy or eat anything! Opened my eyes to the huge mark-up retailers put on clothes, shoes and accessories! But we loved it none-the-less. made me realise clothes really are the love of my life (of course following my family, friends, boyfriend and dog!)

The real stars of the show were in the Spirit section; Motel and Blush (teddy bear head mannequins!) I have fallen in love with the Motel Linda Dress, just need £45, found one for £37 in Jolly's but it had a faulty zip that my sewing skills or those of my housemate Jo wouldn't have been able to fix! Keep dreaming!

You can have a sneek-peak at Lorna's blog of the day

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Fashion at Bath 2009 tonight

Its Fashion at Bath 2009 tonight! Been at University for four years and this is the first year I have managed to get myself to the annual charity fashion event, previous years have been plagued by laziness, lack of funds and international travel. Its going to be a dash to get there on time, and to look presentable, but excited and hopefully I will be doing plenty of camera clicking.

Weather is changing in Bath! Super sunny, out come the sandals and away go the jackets, the overlly keen are out in shorts and tangoed legs (naturally, it would be impossible to have a bronzed glow at this time of year). As Jules always said, "one looks silly, no matter how hot one's outfit is, if one is not dressed appropriately for the season".

Cue Sam! Fresh and summery but not a mirror image of the typical brit with their t-shirt off at the first break of sunshine in the middle of winter!

Sandals - Office
Denim - TopShop
Blazer - TopShop
Broach - Guildhall Market, Bath. Snapped up from its stumble into the bargain bin!
Bracelet - TopShop
Bag - TopShop
Shopper - London Fashion Weekend (tickets can be bought, and it's a well worth it event!)
Top - This is an 8-Way top, that Sam's brother got for her from a friend in Sydney who designed it. Early that morning Sam discovered that it is in fact a 9-Way top, see above 9th option! Tried to find a website for the top, couldn't find anything :(

What does one wear to a Fashion Event? Need to come up with something in the next 15 minutes before work! At least I will have achieved the "oh this little thing?! i just threw it together before running out the door" effect!


Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Ingenuity and promiscuity...

Fashion in bath! Slight change of plan, 4th year is looking to be a little busier than first expected, I don't really have the time to come up with interesting outfits, jeans and t-shirts are my staple wardrobe diet...sad, can't wait till I graduate!

So am going to keep you updated on my fashion inspirations and the life of a fashionista aficionado like myself in belle Bath.

This is Lorna! Forever bright, beautiful and daring! I aspire to have here confidence and ability to mix and match quirky pieces!

Top - Vintage (actually an ankle length dress tucked into her knickers! - ingenuity)
Skirt - H&M
Brogues - TopShop
Jacket - Boden
Mittens - Cath Kidston
Necklace - Lorna's favorite shop in Montreal, so favorite she can't remember it's name (it happens)
Bracelet - from Glastonbury 4 years ago, and one from her Aunt from when she was born bought from a Navajo Native American
Watch - 21st Birthday present

Every outfit tells a story!

Monday, 2 February 2009

My first ever blog...

My very first post as blogger!

Was going to wait until I had thought of something clever to post but my blog page looked very bare.

Why blog if i don't really have anything to say yet? I'm doing a module at University about Virtual Organizing, for which I have to create a blog and write an essay on my experiences as a member of the blogging community.

So I had to think up something to blog about, final year at Uni not much is going on apart from studying and class, so I had a little panic about what I could write about that anyone could possibly find interesting! Then I remembered the little drama and excitement I have everyday regardless of what else is going on in the world...i love clothes!...everyday I go through a little journey, better known as "deciding what to wear". This daily journey usually includes at least two of my housemates, my mum and my sister or my poor suffering (completely uninterested in clothing) boyfriend. One of my worst attributes is deciding what to wear, I usually have at least two options, and each option will always have at least another two options regarding shoes and accessories and this is why i enlist (willing or not) the decision making support of friends and family. So I have decided to write a blog about my clothes, my outfits, my wardrobe and my shopping obsession! Perhaps I will no longer have to enlist the help my poor friends and family to help me decide what to wear, but maybe some ladies and fashion loving men out there will be willing to share their opinion on my daily dilemma!

I will look to ladies such as the Painfully Hip bloggers and The Clothes Horse for inspiration to keep up my blogging!