Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The other side...

Being from the University of Bath kind of makes Bath Spa "the other side", sad, they dress so much better and their courses make them so much more interesting, go bath spa! Went up the other day to still some wardrobe inspiration, mightily jealous of their quirky campus, it feels like being on a farm, so refreshing when compared to our industrial wasteland of a campus (of course with the exception of our lake)...but the aggressive psychopathic ducks ruin the atmosphere and force one to question whether these ducks have been poisoned by some hideous chemistry experiment gone wrong.

Back to Bath Spa met lovely Jodi...loved her Zara boots!
Blazer Kate Moss @ TopShop, Top TopShop, Belt TopShop, Skirt TopShop, Boots Zara, Bag French Connection.

Jodi's necklace was cute, I love jewelry pieces that are made up of lots of little memories, had a very special necklace of my own which was stolen during my boarding school days, sore point, back to Jodi's necklace...hanging from it was a pearl she had picked up in a vintage shop, a ring from her best friend and a plectrum from when she went to a New Found Gory concert in her younger years!

tried to edit this photo to make the necklace clearer, didn't quite have the desired effect but thought it looked more interesting this way...

thanks Jodi!
been listening to Two Tongues almost all day, dropped onto my ipod by my boyfriend, it wasn't for him i would still be stuck in music from the 90s and subsequently very uncool.

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