Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Fashion at Bath 2009 tonight

Its Fashion at Bath 2009 tonight! Been at University for four years and this is the first year I have managed to get myself to the annual charity fashion event, previous years have been plagued by laziness, lack of funds and international travel. Its going to be a dash to get there on time, and to look presentable, but excited and hopefully I will be doing plenty of camera clicking.

Weather is changing in Bath! Super sunny, out come the sandals and away go the jackets, the overlly keen are out in shorts and tangoed legs (naturally, it would be impossible to have a bronzed glow at this time of year). As Jules always said, "one looks silly, no matter how hot one's outfit is, if one is not dressed appropriately for the season".

Cue Sam! Fresh and summery but not a mirror image of the typical brit with their t-shirt off at the first break of sunshine in the middle of winter!

Sandals - Office
Denim - TopShop
Blazer - TopShop
Broach - Guildhall Market, Bath. Snapped up from its stumble into the bargain bin!
Bracelet - TopShop
Bag - TopShop
Shopper - London Fashion Weekend (tickets can be bought, and it's a well worth it event!)
Top - This is an 8-Way top, that Sam's brother got for her from a friend in Sydney who designed it. Early that morning Sam discovered that it is in fact a 9-Way top, see above 9th option! Tried to find a website for the top, couldn't find anything :(

What does one wear to a Fashion Event? Need to come up with something in the next 15 minutes before work! At least I will have achieved the "oh this little thing?! i just threw it together before running out the door" effect!



  1. I think I would have a field day if I was trapped in San's wardrobe for a while... in fact I'm scared to imagine how big her wardrobe actually is... I might need to take suppies ;-)

  2. ah sun, wish we'll get that soon too!

  3. fingers crossed it stays this nice! x